Freelance Platform Profile Manager and Expert
(Business Developer)

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Job Description

As a Freelance Platform Profile Manager and Expert, you will be responsible for managing and optimizing our Fiverr profile to attract more clients, generate revenue, and uphold our brand reputation. Your role combines strategic planning, relationship management, and operational execution to ensure our Fiverr presence aligns with our business objectives.


1. Profile Optimization:
  • Craft and maintain a compelling and professional profile description that clearly communicates our services,
    expertise, and value proposition.
  • Select and organize high-quality images, videos, and portfolio samples that showcase our work and capabilities
  • Strategically incorporate relevant keywords and tags to enhance our profile’s visibility in search results.
2. Service Offerings:
  • Develop and refine service packages that cater to the needs and preferences of the Fiverr marketplace while
    aligning with our core competencies.
  • Regularly update service offerings based on market trends, client feedback, and industry developments.
3. Pricing Strategy:
  • Set competitive and enticing pricing for our services, considering factors such as complexity, market demand,
    and competitor rates.
  • Implement a flexible pricing structure that allows for variations in service levels and customization.
4. Communication and Engagement:
  • Respond promptly and professionally to client inquiries, demonstrating strong communication skills and a deep
    understanding of our services.
  • Foster positive client relationships through attentive and personalized communication.
5. Project Management:
  • Efficiently manage multiple client projects simultaneously, ensuring deadlines are met and deliverables exceed
    client expectations.
  • Collaborate with our internal team to ensure seamless project execution and maintain service quality.
6. Reviews and Ratings:
  • Proactively seek client feedback and reviews, aiming to maintain a high rating and positive reputation on the
  • Address any negative feedback or issues in a constructive and timely manner.
7. Market Research:
  • Stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and changes in the Fiverr platform’s algorithms or
  • Adjust our strategies and offerings to remain competitive and relevant within the marketplace.
8. Analytics and Reporting:
  • Monitor and analyze key performance metrics, such as conversion rates, order frequency, and revenue generation.
  • Prepare regular reports to evaluate the effectiveness of our Fiverr profile strategies and identify areas for


  • Proven experience as a successful freelance business developer or Fiverr profile manager.
  • In-depth understanding of the Fiverr platform, its algorithms, and best practices.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with a talent for crafting engaging and persuasive content.
  • Excellent project management abilities, capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and make informed decisions.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, and resourceful, with a passion for driving business growth.
  • Knowledge of IT Services Industry and the ability to present our expertise effectively.
  • Proficiency in relevant tools for communication, project management, and analytics.


Join our team as a Freelance Platform Profile Manager and Expert to shape our Fiverr presence and drive business success. We look forward to welcoming a dedicated professional to our innovative team.

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